About VacantLandLot.com     

Anat Zohar, CEO:
“We LOVE land! We buy low and sell fast below market value”

VacantLandLot.com  is a privately owned land investment company with solid reputation in the real estate and land investment community.

VacantLandLot.com is owned by Anat Zohar and her husband Ron, 3rd generation of real estate investors who specialize in vacant lands all over the US, especially in FL,  CA and CO.

Anat and Ron are not brokers or agents – they are owners of title to the properties they sell.  They have vast knowledge and experience in real estate  purchases, flips and auctions.  They specialize in buying at very low prices  and selling below market value.

Anat Zohar, CEO

Anat Zohar,  CEO:
“Honesty and integrity are the cornerstones on which we’ve built our business. We say what we do and we do what we say!

Ron Zohar

Contact Information


Mail address:  610 E Zack Street, Suite 110  Tampa, FL 33602-3973
Office address: 610 E Zack Street, 4th floor,  Tampa, FL 33602

Phone:     (813) 575-0001
Fax:          (253) 252-8635
Email:       info@VacantLandLot.com
Web:        www.VacantLandLot.com

(Old address:  1101 E Cumberland Ave Suite 201H22, Tampa, FL 33602 )